What is the best way to use this VLE?

Please note that each learning module has a primer (pdf document), a set of tutorials (viewed with any media player) and suggested practice exercises (pdf document).

To get the most out of these modules:

  1. First read through the primers to understand the main concepts, terms and MATLAB commands addressed.
  2. Then review the tutorials in the specified order.
    • All users are encouraged to play, pause and play the tutorials as often as needed in order to completely understand the material.
    • The tutorials are designed to be 3-5 minutes long, so please plan accordingly.
    • The audio is the same as the closed captions and can be turned off if needed.
    • Some of the tutorials are also accompanied by the corresponding MATLAB programs/functions. Please review these as well.
    • The tutorials are all housed in YouTube (channel matlabmarina).
  3. Next, read and work through the suggested exercises using MATLAB’s IDE.