Linear Algebraic Equations

Q. What are linear algebraic equations?
A. Linear algebraic equations are equations of the form shown below where xi (i=1,2...n) are the n unknowns, aij (i, j=1,2...n) are the coefficients and bj are the constants. 
These n equations can be solved for the n unknowns using alorithms such as Gaussian Elimination, LU decomposition, etc.

Users are encouraged to read through the following primer: Linear Algebraic Equations Primer

Examples Tutorials MATLAB programs
Solve for 3 unknowns x,y & z. linear1.m & linear2.m
Solve for currents in a circuit. linear_electricalcircuits.m
Solve for the acceleration and tensions for 3 falling parachutists. linear_3parachutists.m
Users are encouraged to work through the following suggested exercises: Linear Algebraic Equations Exercises