Textbooks / Books on MATLAB

The following is a list of relevant textbooks and books that we have found relevant and useful. If you have any additional resources, please send an email to the Project Director with the title, author and publisher information so we can include it in this list.

  1. Numerical Methods with MATLAB 2e; Amos Gilat (The Ohio State Univ.), Vish Subramaniam (The Ohio State University); March 2010, ©2010; John Wiley & Sons
  2. MATLAB: An Introduction with Applications, 4th Edition; by Amos Gilat; ISBN 978-0-470-76785-6; December 2010, ©2011; John Wiley & Sons
  3. MATLAB Tutorial CD: Learning MATLAB Superfast; by Brian Daku; ISBN 978-0-471-27469-8; August 2005, ©2006; John Wiley & Sons
  4. Applied Numerical Methods with MATLAB for Engineers and Scientists, 3/e; Steven C. Chapra, Tufts University; ISBN: 0073401102; Copyright 2012; McGraw Hill
  5. Numerical Methods for Engineers, 6/e; Steven C Chapra, Tufts University; Raymond P Canale, University of Michigan; ISBN: 0073401064; Copyright 2010; McGraw Hill
  6. Introduction to MATLAB for Engineers, 3rd Edition; William J Palm III, ©2011, ISBN-13 9780073534879; McGraw Hill
  7. A Concise Introduction to Matlab, 1st Edition; William J Palm III, ©2008, ISBN-13 9780073385839; McGraw Hill
  8. Introduction to MATLAB, 2/E; Dolores M Etter; ISBN-10: 0136081231; ISBN-13: 9780136081234; Copyright: 2011; Prentice Hall
  9. Engineering Computation with MATLAB, 2/E; David M. Smith, Georgia Institute of Technology; ISBN-10: 0136080634; ISBN-13: 9780136080633; Copyright: 2010; Addison-Wesley
  10. Engineers Guide to MATLAB, An, 3/E; Edward B. Magrab; Shapour Azarm; Balakumar Balachandran; James Duncan; Keith Herold; Gregory Walsh; ISBN-10: 0131991108; ISBN-13: 9780131991101; Copyright: 2011; Prentice Hall
  11. MATLAB for Engineers, 2/E; Holly Moore; ISBN-10: 0136044220; ISBN-13: 9780136044222; Copyright: 2009; Prentice Hall
  12. Mastering MATLAB 7; Duane C. Hanselman; Bruce L. Littlefield; ISBN-10: 0131430181; ISBN-13: 9780131430181; Prentice Hall

An exhaustive list of books is also found on the MathWorks web-site at http://www.mathworks.com/support/books/