for Loops

Q. What is a for loop?
A. A for loop is an iteration structure that repeats a set of instructions a given number of times.
Example application: Coach to team – “Run around this field 10 times.”

Users are encouraged to read through the following primers: For Loops Primer
For Loops Applications
For Loops Advanced Primer

Examples Tutorials MATLAB programs
Write a statement N times forloop_writeNtimes.m
Display numbers from a Start Count to an End Count (specified by the user) forloopdisplaycount.m
Build a vector forloop_buildvector1.m
Compute cos(x) using the Taylor series forloop_cosxtaylorseries.m
Compute the sum of all integers from 1 to N. runningsum1toN.m
Convert percent grades to letter grades. classpercent_to_letter_grade.m
Build a vector in MATLAB using given discontinuous function f(t) (where f(t) is different for different intervals). TBD
Build a matrix using a nested for loop forloops_buildmatrix1.m
A function within a for loop used to compute and plot the trajectory of a projectile. projectiletrajectory.m
Users are encouraged to work through the following suggested exercises: For Loops Exercises
File needed for the exercises: roddata.mat
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